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Accessories for Sale & Rental

Accessories for Sale & Rental

If you are a restaurant owner or wine retailer, what better ways to preserve, provide tastings, and impress your wine range to your customers?

There is so much complexity in wine knowledge, the millions of bottles of wines and different taste profiles of customers, we offer a simple solution to all these - an affordable approach that works both ways for you and your customers.

With a NAC wine dispenser, customers can sample the wines you are promoting and judge it for themselves. Per tasting goes by the glass which is modest on the customer’s pocket and eliminates the possibility of regretting a bottle purchased and not liking it at all. (Had my fair share of experience getting a “This-is-the-one!” bottle of wine but my senses tell me not after tasting it.)

Best of all, it is a pleasing and professional array of wines display, like a luxurious accessory added to your restaurant or store.

All these works out very well for you too: Affordable tastings --> Happy and confident customers --> Many returning businesses --> Constant or even fast-moving of inventory.

Besides maximising revenues on the front, you will be delighted to manage a healthy store at the back end. The dispensers are designed to preserve the sanctity of the wines in a controlled environment and not having to worry about them going stale, thus minimise wine wastage.

Offering several capacity options and a simple 3-step dispensing function, the NAC dispenser will be able to service different restaurants or retail concepts based on various types of budgets.

What’s more, integrating into the system is an easy-to-use CMS software which you will be pleased to have access to, such as maintenance of customers’ tasting records, wine management, and inventory control of all wines in the machine.

If this is a solution you have been looking for, we will be most happy to chat up with you.