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Portugal – Quinto Do Portal

Portugal – Quinto Do Portal

Quinta do Portal is a family fine winemaking company that embraced with passion the “Boutique Winery” concept. They proudly produce DOC Douro wines, premium Port Wines and Moscatel.

This project that started in the early 90’s of the XX century, had on its base a centenary estate where their family has been producing Port since the last years of the XIX century. Their commitment to the production of quality wines has been, since the first moment, the heart and soul of Quinta do Portal. This effort, passion and dedication have been recognized both at a national and international level during the course of the years.

Quinta do Portal vineyards are under integrated farm management, a farming system that has the objective of producing high quality grapes by using natural resources and regulating mechanisms to replace polluting inputs and to secure sustainable farming.

In their vineyards they use the following practices:

  • non-mobilization of the soil;
  • integration of the wood that results from pruning in the soil;
  • non-utilization of residual herbicides;
  • low volume debits in the application of phytopharmaceuticals;
  • usage of organic correctives;
  • in slopes up to 40% of inclination we plant “Vinha ao Alto” (vertical planting);
  • in slopes between 40-60% we plant one line of vineyard terraces, avoiding the use of herbicides between the terraces.

With the above practices they protect the auxiliary organisms, namely from the coccinellidae family. They are also happy to see that bands of partridges have come back to our vineyards.

The wine production is based on the diversity of the Douro. A big variety of grapes, different altitudes, different solar expositions, soils with different compositions, etc. In the field we apply cultural practices that allow them not only to achieve our quality objectives but also to respect the plant and its fruit.

In the winery, the work scheme is based on the respect for the grapes and the musts they have to process, using gravity in the various operations. This allows them to achieve better quality and at the same time reduce the energy consumption.

In order to increase the knowledge they make several experiences and micro-vinifications every vintage, that in the end benefit their already distinctive and personalized wines.

The winemaking is oriented by Paulo Coutinho who has been at Quinta do Portal since August 1994. Paulo was born in their neighbour village of Celeirós and is a Enology graduate from UTAD.

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