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Gujinggong Baijiu Ancient 20 古井贡酒· 20 年份原浆古

Wine Notes

Visual: Transparent and Clear
Aroma: Pure, rich and succulent aroma.  

Taste: Elegant Pit Flavour, Lasting Flavours, Mellow And Luscious, Just Right & Rich Flavors

Wine Facts:
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SKU Gujinggong Baijiu Ancient 20 古井贡酒· 20 年份原浆古
AWN Wine Style
AWN Wine Style Alcohol
Short Tasting Notes Rich / Mellow / Luscious With Very Lasting Flavors
Why AWN Pick This Wine Among China's Top 10 Baijiu
Recognitions Oldest documented spirit recipe in Guinness World Records in September 2018
Food Pairing Bozhou Guokui, Leopard Ramen, Strong and Bold Spicy foods
Varietal Chinese Baijiu (Strong Aroma) Nongxiang (浓香)
Country China
Region Bozhou (Anhui Province)
Vintage 26 Years
Volume 500ml
Alcohol 52
Gujinggong Baijiu Ancient 20 古井贡酒· 20 年份原浆古
Winemaker/ Winery:
Gujing-gongjiu (古井贡酒, gǔjǐinggongjiu, lit. "Ancient Well Tribute Liquor") . Made from well-selected grains "sorghum, wheat,rice, sticky rice and corn" using 1800 year history technique. It is a traditional 
Chinese liquor made from water from a well in Bozhou, Anhui Province.

The history began in Southern and Northern Dynasty (AD196), people lived in Bozhou found that there was an old well that produced very clean and sweet, so they started using the water to produce the tea and grain wine. Then, it was famous in ancient China so people gave it to Emperor Xie Liu of Han as a
tribute. It is produced by the Bozhou Gujinggongjiu Liquor Co., Ltd. at Anhui Province.
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