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Wine Tasting Events

Let us pour the fun in your wine! Roderic takes a hands-on and unstuffy approach to craft bespoke and wine-tastic events.

We strongly encourage you to bring some humour to unwind with your drink kakis (a.k.a close friends), and savour a buffet of tasty wines - we assure you will not feel the social distancing measures at V@44.

By the way, if you have space, we can certainly arrange private tasting events for you. Add a touch of sophistication by engaging with a private sommelier or winery representative. Roderic and the AWN team will provide impeccable services to elevate your guests’ wine experience!

Themed Events

Unlock your creativity at our art jamming sessions - a charcoal painting session, a DIY wine bottle decoration and many more. There is nothing quite like a glass of wine to quell your jumpy nerves while trying to replicate famous artwork.

How about a feast night with a broad range of food, allowing for interesting pairing experimentation with different red, white or sparkling wines?

Well, wine makes almost everything interesting and people, less anxious. Great way to loosen up and be less critical of yourself when you check-in at one of our themed events.

Seriously, we wouldn’t want to pay much attention to whether you are an expert or a novice. Just have fun while you learn something new! Keep a lookout for our calendar and sign up!

Corporate Functions

Getting antsy on how to get into the good books of your clients, bosses and stakeholders with a well-planned event? Our wine hero, Roderic comes to the rescue with delicious wines and interactive activities to prevent drowning in a stifling atmosphere.

Let’s see… he would assess the guests’ profiles and recommend several remarkable bottles for the C-level guests, company executives and staff. Ice-breaking games, basic wine facts and lingo, trivia sessions, and wine puns are included in this awesome package to keep the momentum going.

Want wine accessories? Here is the checklist – wine openers, professional wine glasses, stylish automatic wine dispensers, practical decanters, branded ice buckets and the list goes on. We have it all!

AWN provides support for various types of events, including:

  • Client Entertainment (for bankers and high net-worth clients too)
  • Staff Team Rewards or Staff Party
  • Team Bonding or Team Building
  • Chinese New Year Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Business Conferences
  • Yacht Party and Wine
  • Wine Seminars/ Talks (applicable for product launch, residential property launch, car show events or car showrooms)
  • Wine and Cheese
  • Wine and Food Pairings
Wine Knowledge Services

Wine expert, wine coach, wine educator. These are the several designations tied to his name - Roderic Proniewski.

For any restaurateur, wine retail owner or pub operator looking to get their staff trained on wines, or put forward a wine menu, get in touch with Roderic!

“Learning wine should be approachable and fun”, Roderic proclaims. Since each type of industry functions differently, he conscientiously designs wine curriculum for his clients and participants to fit like a glove.

Let’s say you are running a Chinese restaurant and wish to introduce wines to match with the menu. He will chart out suitable wines for pairing, including a wine knowledge session for the service staff (sommeliers included).

If you don’t know who Roderic is, read more about him here.

Hotels, Restaurants & Country Clubs

AWN has kept a close relationship with many service industries partners for more than 2 decades.

This was validated when AWN was awarded the Wine Finalist for ‘Top 5 Wine Distributors in Singapore - Awards of Excellence of World Gourmet Series Award in 2012, 2014 & 2016, after being voted for by a pool of key industry figures and the public.

Here are just a few of the trade partners that have collaborated with AWN and have been satisfied with our wines and services thus far.

Highlight hotels, restaurants and country clubs logos below.

V@44 (a.k.a Vinology@44)

Believe it or not, the team at AWN team cracked their heads together to come up with the name V@44

Sally, our director spearheading the re-branding project, gave the final nod after hundreds of rounds of discussions (Kidding! It was only finalised after ten sessions with Team AWN almost pulling their hair off in every meeting).

Why V@44?

As the interest in wine is beginning to develop, especially among millenials, we'd love to welcome like-minded friends, who are starting their wine journey, and want to enjoy wine without the need for pretentious jargon. Have a wine-tastic time, every time at V@44!

We make your wine selection journey effortless when you step into V@44. Look out for the 2-step AWN Wine Guide at the retail shop, and you will be on your way to pick-up or wine-in a bottle, confidently and easily!

Wine Tours

12 countries and counting. Fancy a holiday with an exclusive wine tour, a private wine pairing dinner at one of the Chateaux, or spend a couple of days farming at the vineyard?

Start living in the present. Pick a destination or choose one of your favourite wineries, and we will arrange the itinerary accordingly - let us make your dreams come true.

In the event you have fallen in love with a couple of vintages, don’t worry, AWN is happy to facilitate the importation and logistics of your prized wines from the winery right to your doorstep.

Isn't amazing? Start your epic vino adventure at AWN with the list of wineries here, and connect with us!