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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Wine from Asia Wine Network SG

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Wine from Asia Wine Network SG

Tired of buying the same old wines from the same old watering holes? Then you need to try our wine instead to refresh yourself! So why make the switch? Read on to find out.

  1. We Teach You How to Appreciate Wine

Every product we carry has been carefully curated and analysed by our leading wine specialist (who is also the founder of AWN Singapore), Roderic Proniewski. This means that before you pick a bottle, you can read about its tasting notes, ideal food pairings, a bit about the region where it is produced and any recognitions/awards it may have won. This makes learning about different regions and varietals fun and easy, while ensuring every bottle you select fits your tastes precisely.

  1. We Bring You Possibly the Best Wine There Is

Our wines hail from 13 countries and 52 wine regions from around the world. You will truly be immersed in an international experience when you drink our wines. Our website is easy to navigate with convenient filters and an all-powerful search bar (search for a region, a winery, a varietal, a particular tasting note and we’ll handle the rest)

  1. We keep you informed on the latest Wine-Tastic developments

We don’t just tell you what the best wine for you is. We also advise you on what the best wine accessories are too! From decanters to the type of wine glasses suitable for your wine, we guide you on how to use wine accessories to truly enjoy your wine. Check out our blog to for some Wine Inspiration, with articles recommending the ideal wines for different occasions (which pinot noir goes best with your Christmas Ham or which Chardonnay brings the flavours out of your CNY Yu Sheng). Be amazed at your new found vinology (our slang for wine education).

  1. We offer engaging events

Ever want to learn how to paint while sipping on your favourite Chardonnay? How about putting together a stunning floral arrangement while nursing a lovely Pinot Noir? Well you’re in luck! Look out for AWN’s ‘Wine + ….’ series of events. We partner with different industries to put together fun and engaging events where you can try something new, all with a glass in hand of course!

Coming up next we have Wine + Flowers, organised in collaboration with Wen’s Floral Studio! Click here to find out more!

  1. We Give You Great Deals When You Become A Member

Did you know that you can get 10% off your purchase every time you shop with us? When you become a V-Club member, you can accumulate V-Points with every purchase you make. You can then use the points to redeem cashback on future purchases. Not to mention you can also shop our entire catalogue at reduced member prices. Sounds amazing right?

  1. We Carry Amazing Promotions on Wine Always

Our wine promotions are loved and trusted by our lovely customers. Simply visit our website to learn more on what promotions we carry on our website. Do follow our socials to make sure you never miss new product releases and promos! You can also visit us in-store to find out what promotions we carry in-store. We are located at 44 North Canal Road, Singapore 059300. Pop in anytime between 9am to 7pm and seek the service of our friendly sales staff.

So why not pay us or our website a visit today to find out more about our wines? Find the wine for you today! Click here to learn more about us and our wines.

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