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9 things you probably didn’t know about wine

9 things you probably didn’t know about wine

Did you know that red wine could be healthy for you in small quantities? Many scientific studies have shown that red wine, when consumed moderately, could be good for you. Red wine possesses a lot of healthy antioxidants that could lower your risk of cardiovascular and Type 2 diabetes. As the medical adage goes, everything in moderation. Consuming a lot of red wine could do more harm than good so only drink a little.

So what else did you not know about wine? Let’s find out!

How did the word “wine” come about?

The word ‘wine’ hails from the Old English word ‘win’ or its Latin equivalent ‘vinum’. These words seemed to have come from the Latin word for vineyard, ‘vinea’ which, in turn, could have come from Arabic (wain) and Hebrew (yayin). In addition, ‘wine’ has equivalents in Icelandic (vin), German (wein) and Greek (oinos). As an English word, wine has certainly come a long way!

As a toast to your new found knowledge, why not view some of our Italian varietals? We recommend our PLACIDO CHIANTI DOCG 2018 ($49) and BANFI LE RIME 2019 ($45). Carrying aromatic notes of black fruit, violets, lemon-lime, apple and pear, we hope that you will find a new favourite!

What is the oldest winery known to man?

The oldest winery dates back to 4100 BCE. It is Armenian.

Our oldest wine dates back all the way to 1955. Priced at $489, our French GERARD BERTRAND LEGEND VINTAGE RIVERSALTES 1955 will not fail to please. Swirling notes of dried fruits, tobacco and honey tips will make for a long-lasting sweetness on your tastebuds. Pair it with dark chocolate, nuts, tapas, ice-cream, melon and foie gras for the ultimate experience.

Who was responsible for the California Wine Boom?

It is believed that Thomas Jefferson was responsible for the California Wine Boom. After a visit to France, Jefferson brought back vine cuttings and planted them in California. This spurred a growth and the birth of California’s famed vineyards!

Want to satisfy your #wanderlust? Fret not. Travel to America through our American wine ranges, including the Wente and Hayes Ranch. Indulge in our splendid CHARDONNAY ($79), CABERNET ($75) and ZINFADEL ($59). Featuring unique notes of pineapple, mango and raspberry (just to name a few), these wines would make for an exciting addition to your wine cellar!

Do orange and blue varieties of wine exist?

While red, white and rosé are the most popular varietals of wine, you would be surprised to know that there indeed exist orange and blue wines. They are not as popular, however.

If you would like to play it safe (given the number of bad reviews for orange and blue varietals of wine), indulge in our select wines. We recommend the following red, white and rosés from our collection:

At $59, our French GERARD BERTRAND COTES DES ROSES 2019 is a superb wine and makes for a unique gift for Valentine’s Day. It features notes of mango, dried fruit, almond and hazelnut as well as citrus fruit, grapefruit and orange blossom. Barrel aged, it brings aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, fresh butter and spices to your nostrils. Its finish is marked by a beautiful minerality and a good length.

Yet another classic goodie for the foodies is another one of our French wines. Our RESERVE DE BONPAS COTE DU RHONE WHITE 2018 ($59) boasts aromas of acacia and hawthorn. It is intense and rich with a persistent floral finish. Pair it with prawn tempura, pad thai and Kung Pao noodles to experience an aromatic bomb in your senses.

If you feel the above wines are out of your price range, fret not. Why not try our Australian THREE JAIL BIRDS SHIRAZ? A typical Australian Shiraz at $26.80, your senses will be mesmerized by its notes of vanilla, oak and blackberries. 

Why are champagne bottles so thick?

They are made to be thick to withstand the pressure created during the fermentation (6 Bar = 90 psi).

Explore the ideal champagne for you. Namely, our CHAMPAGNE VICTOIRE FUT DE CHENES 2010. At $135 from our collection, this oak-aged champagne has some amazing aromas. Be stupefied by notes of butter cream and honey caramel. Make room for drinking your dessert.

Why are some wines labelled as ‘demeter’?

This is to show that they are certified biodynamic.  We believe in taking care of the planet and our future, so we import quite a good range of multiple Demeter Wines in our collection.

Our Chilean KOYLE ROYALE CARMENERE 2018 ($75), is a good example of the ideal Demeter wine. With silky tannins and a long finish, this wine pairs the best with smoked, grilled or roasted meat and cheeses.

Angling more towards the French side of things? Our French GERARD BERTRAND CIGALUS 2014 range ($95) could do just the trick. Our Cigalus Rouge boasts a firework of flavours and velvety tannins including black berries, black cherries, plums and mint. Want a good white wine instead? Try our Cigalus Blanc. With its notes of White Flower. Citrus. Peach. Apricot, Honey and Vanilla, you will be pleased to try this unique wine with scallop, fish or oatmeal prawn.  Not one to be missed!


How many varieties of grapes used to make wine are there in existence?

Around 1300 varieties of grapes are used to make wine in present day!

For a unique varietal from our Italian selections, try our BANFI LALUS ALBAROSSA 2017 ($69). Full of notes of vanilla and liquorice, this wine makes for a soft and velvety feel on the tongue. Try it with ham or pasta cooked with ragu.

What is the most widely planted variety in the world?

The most widely planted variety in the world is Cabernet Sauvignon. This is closely followed by Merlot, Airén (a Spanish sherry grape), Tempranillo and Chardonnay.

To get a taste of this famous wine varietal, why not try out some of our well-appreciated, value-for-money cabernet sauvignons in our collection?

Firstly, our Chilean KOYLE ROYALE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2016 ($75) will have you satisfied with its full-bodied feel on your tongue. This typically tasting cabernet is full of aromatic expressions and pairs beautifully with red meat, lamb, tuna, popcorn, pizza ad chicken rice.

Secondly, our French GERARD BERTRAND RESERVE SPECIALE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2017 ($49) is another wine that is sublime yet fully-finished. With notes of cassis, red currant and plum, you will truly savour how balanced this wine is.

Finally, our American WENTE WETMORE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2017 ($75) will tantalize your tastebuds with its deep flavour and lush, rich body. Pair this wine with red meat, rich pasta and grilled vegetables for the best experience.

What are tannins exactly?

Tannins are the substance in red wine that give it a bitter, astringent feel in the mouth. They are transferred to the grape juice when it comes into contact with the skins and seeds early in the winemaking process. Tannins are what render red wine its health benefits.

Want to know what strong tannic red wines we carry? Read on!

Our Chilean SUYAI 2007 ($99) has strong tannins for your enjoyment. This wine was aged with blends of Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere. After years, the tannins became soft for all to appreciate. Complex and rich, enjoy its tertiary aromas of blackberries with a bold feel on your tongue. Perfect when paired with rich meat dishes, spices, lamb and beef.

Thank you for reading! We hope we answered all your burning questions about wine. Have some more questions? Please put them in the comments below and we will answer them for sure!