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Speak the 5 Love Languages Through Wine - Valentine’s Day SG

Speak the 5 Love Languages Through Wine - Valentine’s Day SG

If you are looking for a good, cozy read this Valentine’s Day, then you don’t have to look further than The 5 Love Languages. Penned by Gary Chapman, this book can only serve to please if you are looking for different ways to affirm your love for your dearest, this Valentine’s Day. At V@44 we want to take things further by helping you speak the language of love through an age old favourite Valentine’s Day present – wine.

So how can we speak the languages of love through wine? Read on to find out how you may speak the 5 languages of love through our special rosés and their aromas.

Words of Affirmation

The key to speaking this love language is by speaking words of love to the inner soul. A key foundation to mastering the art of love or l’amour as the French call it, is to speak to the person. Using deep words of appreciation such as “I really like you” or “love you” could help. And in hearing these words of affirmation, your partner would speak them to you too. What goes around comes back around. Extends the positive vibes all around!

Speak words of affirmation to your loved one this Valentine’s Day, with our AIMÉ ROQUESANTE ROSÉ. Coloured like the flower of love, the rose, it will appeal to your tastebuds in the most beautiful way. Share delight in its aromas of sweet berries and reawaken your passion with aromas of watermelon and grapefruit.

Alternatively, if you are more or the red (or rouge) side of things, our Banfi Excelsus serves 100 percent love through 100 wine points. A “Supertuscan”, this wine serves fine notes of jam, spices, coffee and tobacco. Perfect with meats or cheeses on a cheese board.

Quality Time

Time is a great way of showing us who matters. And who more so than the one you love? Quality time, in this case, refers to the important person you give all your time to. And what better way to spend time drinking some fabulous wine? In addition to valuable acts of love such as taking a walk, cooking and watching TV together, wine could help you communicate how valuable the time you spend together is.

Send a message of impartial and loving time spent with your loved one through our GIACOBAZZI MOSCATO ROSÉ. While spending quality time together, drink in its fragrant and aromatic spumante. Perfect with desserts such as ice cream or as an appetizer to start your romantic meal for two. (fizzy and sweet)

Physical Touch

This language of love is best spoken through simple acts of touch. Holding hands and hugging are unspoken words of love. In turn, a nice glass of wine stimulates the senses, further enhancing and elevating the effect of touch. So what is the best wine to reenergize the effects of touch to your loved one?

To heighten the sense of physical touch, we recommend our BOSCHENDAL CHARDONNAY PINOT ROSÉ. The perfect accessory to your Valentine’s Day celebration, feel hugged by hints of strawberry preserve and red berries. A truly immersive yet sublime wine to bring out the beauty of intimacy with your lover.

Acts of Service

Helping your dearest by committing small acts of love is important this Valentine’s Day. These could be helping out in the kitchen or offering to do grocery shopping. When reciprocating acts of kindness and love, your relationship with your loved one deepens and becomes stronger.

As an extra act of service, why not get your loved one some wine as a kind gesture? Our RUTINI TRUMPETER ROSÉ MALBEC ought to do the trick. You and your loved one will savour its fresh fruity character which lends to its full-bodied aroma. Revel in sensation this Valentine’s Day.


This is what makes Valentine’s Day truly a tradition – the art of gifting a splendid present to your loved one. Gifts serve as a physical reminder of why your relationship to your loved one is special and true. The key to buying an ideal gift for your loved one is to ensure you have your partner’s ideal gifts in mind. The best way to do this is to notice their shopping (or window shopping) habits. What items do they like and cherish in their lives the most?

This Valentine’s Day, we recommend the ultimate gift for your discerning tastebuds: our GERARD BERTRAND COTE DES ROSES ROSÉ. Pair it with your Valentine’s Day SG dinner to enjoy aromas of mango, dried fruit, almond and hazelnut as well as citrus fruit, grapefruit and orange blossom. Barrel aged, it brings aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, fresh butter and spices to compliment your meal. Possesses a beautiful minerality and a good length. In addition, makes for a nice vase or water bottle given how beautiful the craftmanship of the bottle is.

Alternatively, gift your loved one the perfume of wines. Namely, our PERFUME DE SONSIERRA. Given its powerful aromas of of liquorice, blackberry, redcurrant, caramel, mocha and mint, you will experience euphoric bursts of flavour that would make for a very memorable Valentine’s Day.


Make your SG Valentine’s Day special this year by speaking the language of love through the language of wine. Not feeling so rosy? Browse more of our speciality wines here to find the ultimate gift for you or your partner. Thank you for reading. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!