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Gerard Bertrand: The Green Personality of Wine

Gerard Bertrand: The Green Personality of Wine

As a close follower of veganism and the ‘green’ revolution in the millennial era, Asia Wine Network is delighted to discuss with you, our audience, the personality behind our exquisite line of wine offerings, Gerard Bertrand. The face behind award-winning wines (won “Best Organic Initiative” in Drinks Business Green Awards) that are more environmentally-friendly in production and taste, we asked how he wants to build a better world through wine.

“I am convinced that a viticulture in harmony with nature is the best way to create wines and also the right way to demonstrate our deep consideration for nature. I aim for a positive impact of our activities and I am very aware of my responsibility as a winemaker towards the environment and biodiversity,” says Gerard of his wines.

Keeping our environmentally-conscious customers needs at heart, we have ensured to carry Gerard’s best wines in our collection. As the green wine of the go-green decade, how do GB wines have a lasting social and experiential impact on your wine cellar?


A Unique And Diversified Offering

What makes Gerard Bertrand unique as a brand is the 6 levels of certification it possesses to truly be an environmentally sustainable brand:

CAB: Supports winegrowers in organic conversion.

AB: Protection of biodiversity and promotion of ecological balance

No Added Sulfites: Guarantees a natural method that requires absolute rigor and cleanliness

Vegan: A simple and reliable guarantee of quality that is cruelty-free.

Bee Friendly: A network of winegrowers for the protection of bees

Demeter: Working in harmony with nature. Oversees 16 estates of reference.

In turn, we, the V@44 team, are grateful for the ecological breakthroughs that sum up the GB brand. Given the discerning and eco-friendly customer, our desire is to bring you the best eco-conscious GB has to offer. Having said that, let’s have a look at the range of GB, AWN carries in deeper detail to suit your tastes and desires.


Rosé Wines

Gerard Bertrand Cote Des Roses Rosé

Hailing from the IGP Pays D’Oc region in France, this wine has a cool pink colour & is vividly fresh.

Nose: This wine presents aromas of mango, dried fruit, almond and hazelnut. Aromas of citrus fruits are also emanated by this wine and these include grapefruit and orange blossom. Given that it has been barrel aged, spicy and sweet scents are also present and these include vanilla, cinnamon, fresh butter and other spiced notes.

Mouth: In the mouth, notes of strawberry, cherry and lily notes are perceived. It possesses a beautiful minerality and good length. 


White Wines

Gerard Bertrand Reserve Speciale Chardonnay

Fresh and flavoursome, this 100% Chardonnay comes from the coastal vineyards.

Nose: This chardonnay presents fresh notes of citrus, ripe apple and white flowers when smelled.

Mouth: Given that this wine has been barrel-aged, it presents tasting notes of citrus, ripe apple, white flowers and hazelnut. It is a well-balanced wine that possesses good minerality.


Cigalus White

The biodynamic process used to make this wine brings is more minerality and freshness on the palate when sipped. Possessing a shiny limpid and golden yellow colour, this wine promises to please your tastebuds.

Nose: Is intense and complex with notes of citrus fruit, white peach, honey and dried fruits.

Mouth: Full and silky with notes of vanilla, toast butter and exotic fruits. Has a good length in the mouth.


Red Wines

Gerard Bertrand Art de Vivre Merlot

Through Art de Vivre, Gérard Bertrand, driven by his passion for the Mediterranean lifestyle and the great wines from the South of France, highlights the elegant, fruity and generous character of the region’s finest terroirs (territories).

Nose:  Possessing a powerful nose, this wine reveals aromas of red berries, cherry and wild strawberry.

Mouth: The initial smooth and aromatic taste on the palate reflects the nuances found on the nose. Round and elegant, it has a powerful backbone and benefits from a long finish.


Gerard Bertrand Legende Riversaltes, 1974

This is one of the youngest wines of the Legend Series of Gerard Bertrand. 

Nose: Aromas of delicate rancio, macerated black fruits and gingerbread can be perceived.

Mouth: Opens with dried fruits (currants), apricot, light tobacco. Elegant cedar notes nuanced with honey tips. Very long: frank on the attack, balanced, powerful and sweet.


Cigalus Red

Interestingly, this wine is from an estate that was cultivated in biodynamic ways since 2002.  It has a deep garnet colour.

Nose: The nose of this wine is open to strawberry coulis and toasted notes.

Mouth: The mouth feel of this wine is intense and very structured. It carries aromas of ripe fruit and cocoa followed by a nice, long finish.


We hope we tantalized your tastebuds in an organic and sustainable way. Have you tasted eco-friendly wines before? If so, which ones and why did you like them? Do let us know in the comments!

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