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Spain – Castell Del Remei

Spain – Castell Del Remei

Castell del Remei is a centenary wine cellar situated in an historical estate from the Denomination of Origin Costers del Segre, where the first vestiges of viticulture activity date back to 1780.

It is the oldest winery of Catalonia in elaboration and labeling of aging wines. Also, is the first Catalan winery built according to the Bordeaux model surrounded by vineyards.

The winery is nourished from the grapes grown on the property and plots of vineyards from other properties located in the mountains nearby. Led by its owner the wine maker Tomàs Cusiné, recognized oenologist and considered one of the best wine assemblers in the country.

The principal characteristics of Castell del Remei as wine region are as interesting as its long history and the heritage value of the complex that complement an unparalleled conjunct at the viticulture regions of the South-Europe.

A summary of their historical brand.

  • The oldest winery in the elaboration and labeling of aging wines in Catalonia.
  • Wine elaboration on the property traces back to Roman age.
  • Vestiges of wine elaboration on the property since 1780.
  • First Catalan winery built according to the Bordeaux model.
  • Pioneer winery in importation of French Semillon and Cabernet Sauvignon into Spain.
  • First Catalan winery in the production of fine aging wines.
  • First Catalan winery in the labeling of aging wines.
  • 5th oldest Catalan winery registered in the Spanish Trademark Registry.

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